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Parent Teacher Association

We are extremely grateful for the hard work that the parents do to raise money for the pupils to be able to have valuable resources.

Summer Fair (Welsh only)

Diolch i'r Gymdeithas Rieni am gynnal Ffair Haf ar noson y mabolgampau. Roedd pob math o stondinau i bawb eu mwynhau. Casglwyd swm da o arian unwaith eto eleni.

  • young girl with toy in school fair
  • young children with ice cream in school fair
  • young children getting face paint in school fair


Duck Race

  • 201120-ras-hwyaid-1
  • 201120-ras-hwyaid-2
  • 201120-ras-hwyaid-3
  • 201120-ras-hwyaid-4
  • 201120-ras-hwyaid-5
  • 201120-ras-hwyaid-6
  • 201120-ras-hwyaid-7
  • 201120-ras-hwyaid-8
  • 201120-ras-hwyaid-9



  • 201120-ardal-chwarae-1
  • 201120-ardal-chwarae-2
  • 201120-ardal-chwarae-3
  • 201120-ardal-chwarae-4



  • 201120-ty-bach-1
  • 201120-ty-bach-2



  • 201120-mentergarwch-1
  • 201120-mentergarwch-2
  • 201120-mentergarwch-3
  • 201120-mentergarwch-4

Foundation stage

Reception and Year 1 children have been busy selling recipe books. Everyone had included their favorite family recipe and made £500 profit. Thank you very much to all the companies for sponsoring us and for your support.





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